T H E  L O O K  S H O W  AW11  N E E D S  M E 
I interned for LOOK magazine in february 2010 and got a chance to work at the first ever LOOK SHOW, now there is an amazing competition that got me very excited.... to attend this september and blog front row. I loved working at LOOK and the highlight of the month was getting a chance to work backstage and see the process of how it all came together from the office. It would be so amazing to come back and actually see how it's grown and be able to document and share with everyone the journey. I remember how I felt when seeing all the clothes, organsing rails, dressing models, when Erin O'conor strutted through the door, when Pixie Lott sang and just the pure excitement of watching the atmosphere build. Now being a fashion blogger and thinking of how far I have come from that internship it would be incredible to have that feeling all over again but experiencing it this time front row instead of backstage.

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