P H O T O S,  P H O T O S, P H O T O S

I'm sure anyone thats reads my blog definitely knows about my obsession with photos and 
how I literally collect every single little thing that inspires me.
 Either they are saved on my laptop in hundreds of folders or I print, rip and stick and make scrapbooks of everything I love!

One of my biggest loves is that magical place called TUMBLR which I admit takes up a lot
of my day and tearing myself away from clicking the upload button is sometimes a struggle but 
it's one place I visit to get most of my inspiration from and I hope if you haven't seen mine yet or even if
you have that it inspires you too!

Let's call it my online scrapbook…have fun scrolling. 

I N S T A L A T E L Y 

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Facebook @thegirlthatlivesinthedesert
C R E A T I V E  C H A O S 

I think a lot of the time in life it's easy to get bogged down in things that aren't truly making you happy.
I'm the kind of person that when I'm really not happy its very hard for me to hide that 
and it's even harder for me to just carry on and hope for the best,
especially when it comes to my career and the dreams and goals that I have set for myself. 

Today was a big day for me and I have never felt more ready or more inspired then to get 
back to basics and to do what I actually love and to work even harder for something that I know 
is meant for me (as cheesy as it sounds)!
Lately I can't stop making mood boards, printing photos and jotting down ideas,
I'm sure you can already tell that I'm obsessed with photographs, I'm obsessed with clothes 
and I'm obsessed with travelling…
so lets leave it at that and all will be revealed soon.

L O N G E R   L E N G T H S 

The longer length skirt is starting to become my go to weekend outfit.
There's something about it that just screams elegance...I love a mini skirt as much as 
the next girl but this skirt in particular is absolutely one of my favourite buys of the season.

Skirt: River Island
Croptop: Topshop
Necklace: H&M
Bag: Zara
M A K I N G  C H A N G E S

Quite a few people have asked me now why I haven't been posting?
  I guess the answer to that question is that lately just day to day life and work has taken over.
 I started out at 16 with wanting to be a fashion designer, studying my backside off for
3 years to achieve it, creating this blog and now being 25 with a full time
career in fashion PR and in a way neglecting the one thing that I really am passionate
about.....my blog!

I can honestly say having a full time job doesn't leave much time
 for me to be creative for myself, sometimes you have to take a step back and think about
why it is you started a blog in the first place, if you really are happy and if you're really
doing what you love...

 I've decided to make some big changes lately and figure out the next step for myself and
 my career, starting with thegirlthatlivesinthedesert.
I'm currently in the process of re-designing the blog, re-charging the camera battery
and designing clothes again and I can't wait to share these new exciting beginnings with you...

INSTAGRAM | @thegirlthatlivesinthedesert

This jacket. Oh this Jacket... has been around from the very first days I can remember. 
Vintage, Leather and so worn it's now perfect is a piece my mum used to rock in the 90's 
when it was all about George Michael and high waisted jeans and yes 
it has always had a little soft spot in my heart....
It's amazing what turns up when your renovating your house and how glad I am it did!


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We all love a girls night out....there's nothing better than dancing the night way in your new favourite heels (until they need to be removed and you go home bare foot) however, I do love getting all dressed up and lately the best of the high street has the perfect pieces for summer celebrations.....fun accessories and Topshop crop tops!

S A N T O R I N I   S N A P S 

I honestly can't express my love for the town of Oia, Santorini. 

I have never experienced anywhere like it in my life, this place is truly magical!

We stayed in the absolutely stunning hotel Andronis Luxury Suites 
and waking up here everyday was like waking up in the clouds....
Now that I am no longer there I physically miss it and may have a little depressed 5 minutes when
Santorini is filling up my Instagram feed this summer!

But nevermind because I will be returning as soon as possible... hey,  maybe I'll just move there!

Here's what a week in Santorini looks like....

Photographs by Chloe Grace Allan