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When Marks & Spencer approached me to be part of a little styling project they were working on...
of course I absolutely jumped at the chance! 
M&S has very weirdly been a part of my life, from being a young girl 
shopping with my mum to being a grown woman shopping for myself 
and growing up in the UK it's one of our number 1 high street stores...
I mean who hasn't heard of it?

When I started my blog my main mission was to share my love for fashion yet be relatable!
Style doesn't mean money, it doesn't mean that to be stylish you have to only wear
 the most expensive items and because you've got a label on you're considered "fashionable".
High street brands are very important to me and I spend most of my time and money in them.
Marks & Spencer have that special touch that relates to women all over the globe, 
it's designed for that every day woman...from the stay at home mum to the business woman
 and you can see that just from stepping inside...

I was given the opportunity to raid the store and style my favourite pieces 
in a 'girl that lives in the desert' kind of way...
So, I'm bringing to you a 3 part style story of my must haves this season!

C A P E   T O W N 
To kick it off....I'd like to introduce the Cape, it's back and it's not going anywhere, anytime soon!
Being a girl with an obvious obsession for clothes, my biggest hate is 
that just because we live in Dubai we are restricted to what we wear in terms of the weather.....
I miss the cold sometimes and I miss winter fashion and I'm not afraid to admit it! 
So while I'm still a little chilly and before the sweats start again this year...
I'm getting the most out of my New York/ London storm inspiration look...including their colour block bag that I just can't put down.
Wether you're in the UAE, UK or any other part of the world, grab yourself the cape!

Visit Marks & Spencer online Here

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