G O O D I E S   F R O M   D O W N  U N D E R 

The fashion scene in Aus is something I'm obsessed with....most blogs I follow are Australian, most designers I want to wear are Australian and let's not get started with the beautiful dose of models that originate from there. There is just something about the vibe and lifestyle they lead that seriously sometimes makes me want to book a one way ticket (well, maybe in a few years) but..
So many people like to say that they have it all backwards and I couldn't disagree more...look a little deeper and the talent that is oozing out of that country is honestly amazing.
 I became infatuated with RUSSH Magazine when I visited Sydney back in 2008 and the love affair definitely hasn't faded and is there anything better then your favourite magazines jumping on a plane and paying you a little inspirational visit!

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