Following your heart instead of your head is not the easiest thing to do but recently I decided to do just that and do something I have forever wanted....have you ever seen those people, or heard those people talk about 'living everyday like it's your last', 'life's too short', "chase your dream"? 
Well I want to be one of those people and I want to be one of those people that say those things but truly mean I've made the decision to leave everything behind, buy a backpack and trainers (yes trainers) and in just 7 weeks time explore the world with my best friend!
a BIG FEAR of mine is being that woman at 45, married with 4 kids complaining that I never went out and lived, so while I'm 23 with no attachments it's definitely time to go!
 I truly believe one of the best things you can ever do with your life is see the world we live I'm off to be adventurous, live out of my comfort zone, try and do things I've never done, meet brand new people, turn off my iphone and live like a hippy for a while!
2013 is the year of ' WHATEVER HAPPENS, HAPPENS' and hopefully I'll find whatever it is I'm looking for while making incredible memories.....

 some of my MUST DO's:

- forget the day and time
- dance on the beach in the rain
- learn how to surf
- visit an orphanage
- sleep on the beach & watch the sun rise
- read books NOT magazines
- get another tattoo
- do a skydive
- star gazing be continued


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