F L O R E N C E 

I dont know what it is about this red headed beauty... of course her voice and music gives me goosebumps and my favourite song 'never let me go' is usually on repeat in my car but for me she always wins in the style stakes.
 I think I discovered when I was in fashion school that I had a real passion for clothes that had maximum detail, I always designed things that seemed to take me days to finish because I would want to stitch individual layers of fabric or ruffles or fringing etc....so maybe this is why I love Miss Welch because whatever she wears is always dreamlike, everything floats and creates drama while still being elegant... detailed layering of soft fabrics, fringed capes and embroidery and there is no pink or bodycon in sight... it just doesn't really get any better. 
Ive always been a sucker for the bohemian touch and her on stage and off stage style is like your dream wardrobe for a weekend of dancing under the sun at Coachella...

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