B O L D . B E A U T I F U L . B L U E

What do you do when you have a special occasion coming up, some sort of event, a wedding, a birthday and you need that outfit that will stand out, that outfit that is unique, that is one of a kind, that will separate you from the rest and make you a complete individual???


This summer we had a family wedding to attend in England, wanting to be different and not chance turning up and 20 other people wearing the same dress as you...we  luckily enough found "Polka Dot Cat" a UAE based designer where femininity and romance is created in every dress. Falling in love with nearly every piece from her 2010.11 collection's, the perfect dresses were chosen. The cut,shape,colours and prints definitely make a statement and I promise you will not be disappointed!

Tomorrow I will be posting another dress from Polka Dot Cat so stay tuned.

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